China city 0709 fix crop

Students have returned from the travel portions of our three short-term study abroad programs, bringing back new global perspectives and insights. Part of offering a transformative educational experience at our residential College is providing opportunities to get off campus for internships, research, service trips, performances, athletics, and study abroad. These activities enrich the academic program, allowing students to widen their view of the world.

As alternatives to our semester-long study abroad programs, each short-term program included a classroom component during the spring semester, followed by a two-to-three week, faculty-led study tour in May. Shown above, Michael Ratajczyk led a business and cultural tour to China, “Chinese Business and Culture.” Preston Lawing and Rob McColl led an art program to Italy, “Introduction to Italy: History, Art, and Culture.” And, Dr. Kyle Black directed a Spanish program to Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Urban Studies of Buenos Aires Culture.”