Undergraduate psychology students took advantage of a high-level out-of-class opportunity in early August, when they presented research at the American Psychological Association (APA) annual convention in Denver. The presentation was a product of the body image collaborative research lab coordinated by Dr. Elizabeth Seebach, where students at all levels work together on a study, each learning the skills in research and leadership that match their semester level.

The collaborative lab’s paper on “Healthy Eating? Psychosocial Eating Patterns, Relationship Status, and Body-Image Distortion” was presented by Elizabeth Leif, Kortney Wobbe, Katharine Nicoson, Brian Mockler, and Reed Evers. Recent graduates Kelsi Watters and Christine Meeds also contributed to the research.

The five-day conference was intended for academic and applied psychologists to share research and best-practice information. Attendees were primarily doctoral-level researchers, teachers, and applied psychologists. Many graduate students also attended, and only a small portion of the attendees were undergraduate students. All of the presentations were peer-reviewed and selected by doctoral-level psychologists in specific divisions of psychology.