Students in the Advancing Regenerative Medicine workshop learn in the new labs and classrooms of the Science and Learning Center.

In early summer, a select group of science students from colleges throughout the Midwest participated in the first Advancing Regenerative Medicine (ARM) grant-funded workshop at the Winona Campus. The workshop provided hands-on learning opportunities in the cutting-edge regenerative medicine field to 19 undergraduate students from seven Midwestern colleges (including nine Saint Mary’s students). Selected through a rigorous nomination and application process, the students were undergraduate sophomore and junior science majors from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Connecticut, and Germany.

The goal of the workshop was to increase the students’ knowledge and experience in this fast-growing area of study. Specifically, the focus was on advancing clinically relevant scientific discovery in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. This groundbreaking and evolving discipline has tremendous potential to impact the treatment of diseases affecting different organ systems—from tissue growth for burn victims to growing new vital organs, such as hearts and kidneys.

The workshop provided the student participants with theoretical and practical learning experiences. It was the first educational use of our newly completed, state-of-the-art Science and Learning Center. Students stayed on campus, learned from guest speakers who work in the field, and gained hands-on experiences in the new laboratories, as well as toured the Center for Regenerative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

The Advanced Regenerative Medicine workshop at Saint Mary’s was funded by a grant of nearly $100,000 from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota. More information about the program is online.