Nationally recognized speaker Dr. Cindra Kamphoff explains traits of high performers to students.

Performance coach Dr. Cindra Kamphoff brought her high-energy, highly interactive motivational messages to student-athletes and the Winona Campus community in April. Her talk was sponsored by Saint Mary’s Leadership Program and co-hosted by the Student Athlete Advisory Council as part of “D-III Week,” an annual celebration of the positive impact of NCAA Division III athletics on campuses and in communities.

Dr. Kamphoff works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, and athletic teams (including the Minnesota Vikings) to help them reach their best more often. Her focus is to help others master the mental strategies necessary to live and perform to their potential. Dr. Kamphoff applies her research and experiences working with professional athletes and championship teams to business and entrepreneurs. She is also the director and founder of the Center of Sport and Performance Psychology, and professor in Performance Psychology at Minnesota State University-Mankato.