This is my 10th year as president of the university, and I write today to let you know that I will be concluding my service at Saint Mary’s and returning home to the East Coast in June 2018.

This past weekend I turned 70 years old. While I am in good health, it seems appropriate that I prepare to change the intensity and the pace of activities and take the opportunity to spend a bit more time with my family. My religious superiors in the Lasallian District of Eastern North America and I came to this decision after spending the summer months in reflection, prayer, and discernment.

While I may be in my final year as president, the university is still enjoying the new spring and positive developments of its second century. I am thankful to our wonderful faculty and staff for their good and hard work in collaborating, “together and by association,” over these 10 years. Our work together, however, is not finished. There is much yet to be done for the good of our students and the university, and I pledge my wholehearted focus and commitment during the year ahead.

The leadership of the Board of Trustees will communicate with the community regarding future plans for the identification of the 14th president of Saint Mary’s University.