Alumna Kristine Beck ’85, owner and operator of Kinstone Megalithic Gardens, hosted students, staff, and biology professors to conduct the first ever “bioblitz” on the unique property outside Fountain City, Wis. Kinstone is described as a one-of-a-kind megalithic garden and sacred space for contemplation, land restoration and human rejuvenation. The June 2 bioblitz was an initial attempt to begin documenting the native diversity of plants, animals, and fungi at Kinstone by engaging community members in the observation and collection of the data.

More than 100 species were observed and documented in an effort to establish continued monitoring of biodiversity in the area. Participants included students Abigail Propsom, Katherine Ethen, Severin Seifert and Mark Leonard, T.J. Oberle (Residence Life), Kathy Kilkus Allen (GeoSpatial Services), and Dr. Josh Lallaman and Dr. Moni Berg-Binder (Biology Department).

In another summer biology project, students joined with Dr. Lallaman and a Winona State University class to plant native vegetation along 320 feet of Lake Winona shoreline to reduce erosion, restore fish and wildlife habitat, and enhance the beauty of the lake. Read more about this collaborative activity and a larger effort between the City of Winona and Healthy Lake Winona to monitor and improve our local lake.